Daggerboard warped

I laminated the daggerboard for the Sharpie.  It didn't come out flat.  From top to bottom it curves about 1/4 inch or more.  Any ideas on how to flatten it, or do I need to order new pre-cut pieces from CLC?

Any ideas on how to keep it flat in case I need to start over?  I'm using a combination of clamps cut from PVC pipe per shop tips, and 2 by 4's pieces held together with an assortment of ordinary clamps. 


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RE: Daggerboard warped


Is it warped, or twisted?  Twisted is really hard to deal with.  Warped is easy.

If it's warped, just put the CONCAVE side down on a concrete floor.  Monitor progress.  The dampness in the floor will swell the concave side, and the board will presently be flat again.  

(In warm weather, grass can substitute for concrete---but it's quicker, so don't forget you left it there!)

RE: Daggerboard warped

Thanks much for the reply, sorry I missed it at first.

It's warped, not twisted, upon more careful inspection.  Am trying the tip you mention, and if that don't work, I'll brace it straight and lay on some 'Glas and goo.

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