Proas Ready to Rig

It's the biggest project in our catalog: The 31-foot Pacific Proa. So we're excited to report that there currently are 4 (FOUR!) out there ready to rig.

This one recently got a paragraph in the New Yorker magazine a few weeks ago. It's being built in Los Angeles with an extremely fine finish and all the best. 

Pacific Proa ready to rig in Los Angeles

​This one was built by a very talented amateur in a garage in Irvine, California. Impressive details.Proa under construction in Irvine, CA

Proa under construction in Irvine, CA

This one was built in Bayboro, North Carolina by another extremely skilled amateur.  He'd previously built a 40-foot Marples trimaran and sailed it across the Atlantic and back. This is his "retirement boat."

This one was built for a client by Sea Island Boatworks, immediately after they finished Madness hull #1.  It was completed way back in 2012, but is just now being readied for launch. It's currently in Pennsylvania.

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