Skerry daggerboard trunk slot


Cutting and finishing the slot in the bottom for the daggerboard.  I used a jigsaw and lots of rasping to get it to size. Finishing the ends is proving a bit fussy.  Is it best for the slot ends to be squared to the same inside dim's as the trunk, or rounded like the board will be?  I'd think that if rounded, it leaves a bit of a ledge inside for gunk to lodge or the board to hang up, but getting it there is proving...tedious.  Opinions?


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RE: Skerry daggerboard trunk slot   

Grrr.  Linky not happy.


RE: Skerry daggerboard trunk slot

You can leave it rounded and put fillets on it to transition the opening to the inside walls. That would eliminate the ledges.

What kind of rasp are you using? A Shinto rasp should take care of the corners in 5 minutes or so.

Finally, if it's not too late, i.e., you haven't glued the trunk in yet, you could define the problem away by making the trunk go all the way through the hull and putting on a fiberglass "scab" to protect the endgrain. Details on how I did it for my schooner are here, but it should be applicable to the skerry. Note that you need a slightly longer trunk than the plans call for if you do this.

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RE: Skerry daggerboard trunk slot

  Mine shows my lack of previous experience at least as much as yours shows your deep expertise! I was using an old fashioned wood file/rasp.  It works, just a bit slow.  Also, I really left a lot of margin on my saw cuts to remove.  Looks ok now, if not perfectly square (or rounded) on the ends. Now on to the interior fillets...

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