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I'm getting ready to mount my registraion plaque which is 30" long under the rail on panel 4. I was going to thru bolt it with 1/4" x 20 screws and nuts so I can remove it easily to refinish the hull as needed. Should I have a concern about water pressure from the back side detaching it as I go thru big wakes or healing during sailing. I have not seen which panel is submerged during sailing as I am in the boat. A max of 3 screws, one each end and middle was what I planning. (maybe just 2)
Regular vinyl numbers just on the hull wasn't the look I wanted so I went with a 6mm  varnished piece with the numbers on that.  Any thoughts are alays welcomed. Thanks Dan.

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RE: registration plaque - dory

two 1/4" x20 bolts are overkill. You could use two #10x24, #10x32, or even #8x32 bolts. They will be plenty strong and much easier to trim after installing. Make sure you use nuts with the plastic locking inserts. The water pressure will not be an issue if the plate is snug against the hull. Also consider backing the nuts with an interior large washer and/or wood backing plate. And consider drill/fill/drill for the holes as prescribed in CLC's biulder tips.

Have fun.

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