Kaholo damage

I've got a pretty big problem.  I put my knee through the deck of my Kaholo today.


I've pulled off the pad, and started to try aligning the ends of the pieces.  I'm mainly wondering about the structure under the area.  I know at least one stringer was broken, and perhaps the bulkhead in front of it.

I was planning on putting a port into the board eventually, but I guess I need to do it now.  Looking at the place I was going to put the port (at the place where the manual recommends), it is very far from where the damage is.

I'm thinking about moving the port to a little in front of the pads, to get it closer.  This will mean that I need to cut through the stringer at that place, but it'll get me much closer to the area I need to repair.

Any thoughts?




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RE: Kaholo damage

   I've been looking at this a bit more, and also have another thought.  I may move to the larger pads.  This will allow me to move the front of the pads forward a bit, so that the entire broken area is covered.  By doing that, I can be a bit more agressive with the treatment of the damaged area.  I'm thinking of removing the biggest piece, and sanding bevels into the edges to create what is basically a large scarf joint around the area.  I can also get to the internals, and repair/reinforce any broken pieces, like the stringer and the bulkhead.  It'll be a lot easier to work on with the access right there.

Is there any reason to try keep the original board intact, rather than making a patch?




RE: Kaholo damage

   Ouch. You plan of scarfing in a new deck piece is a very good idea. That would allow you to repair the internals very well.Thus your repairs can be as strong, or maybe in the case of your knees, stronger, than the origional. The WEST system folks have a great fiberglass repair manual. (your board is basically wood cored fiberglass) to refer to. I think they refer to 12:1 scarfs. Have fun.


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