WD 12 hybrid cockpit apron question


The instruction booklet for the Wood Duck Hybrid shows a material list which includes 2-1/2 sheets of 4mm Okoume ply required for the 12 footer and shows a plywood layout that has the cockpit apron being cut out of the 1/2 sheet.  This agrees with the material list shown on the website.  Neither location mentions any other thickness needed.  However, the plans specify that the apron be made from 6mm plywood and the spacers between the apron and the coaming be made from 9mm plywood.

The 6mm does make sense to me, because it closely matches the 1/4" thickness of the deck strips.

Of course, I don't have any, because I bought what the material list specified.  What have others used, 4mm or 6mm?

Thanks, Jeff

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