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A new story has just been listed on the website, complete with a preliminary sailing video, of a Sport Tandem kayak in the U.K. outfitted with a Mark III SailRig.  Interesting progression from small akas with very small windsurf sails to the full-on CLC sailrig.  While the author admits that he's still experimenting with mast placement and, at first, had to assist with paddles while tacking, his boat obviously moves along at a good pace.  Definitely looking forward to more videos as he progresses.

Peter Shapiro


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RE: SailRig video

Hi Peter,

I am the builder from the smalltrimarans blog and I am hoping to get some more video shortly.

I'm just updating the boat at the moment to add trampolines as we have too much power and are basically driving it into the water as we get up speed.

I've also added a jib from an RS200 dinghy and stays out to the end of the aka's since the story which makes it tack much better and prevents the mast from waving about all over the place.

I should probably reef it in more often than I do but my wife is trusting and I have a small brain so it seems ok....

I still also want to take the mast back about 2  feet so it is back inside the front cockpit - I have it currently just in forward of the front bulkhead as I didn't want to lose space in the cockpit as some of my passnegers are quite big guys.

It certainly flies along but withut being able to distribute weight at the moment we are limited.

Hopefully the trampolines will make a big difference - I'm just making some rough wooden frmaes to test it then will make up some quikly attachable aluminium frames that can be snapped on and off quickly.

RE: SailRig video

Just added a ver y low wind test of the sailrig with jib, stays and test trampolines.

Hoping for better winds this weekend.

Sorry posted in several threads as seems to apply to them, not just spamming.

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