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I've recently completed an Expedition Wherry -- I loved the entire project; the boat rows beautifully; I have a couple of comments on the well-cut kit. First, someone should mark pieces that could otherwise be scarphed (puzzle-jointed) together backwards or upside down -- believe me, it happens! I'm a fairly experienced woodworker, and I did just that -- in the end I had to buy an extra sheet of Okoume and cut out two pieces on my own. It all worked out, but took considerable time. Second, CLC's suggested method for gluing down the deck by wrapping things in packing tape. It may have worked for someone, but not here -- I got partway into that project, wet epoxy all around, and realized we weren't going to get the deck down tight with the tape. What to do? The logical thing: pull out my battery-powered driver and a box of drywall screws, and get things into place! My girlfriend and I did just that, and it worked fine. Of course there were holes around the perimeter after things dried and I extracted the screws, but I plugged them and all's well. I even bright-finished my deck, and you can hardly see the plugged holes.


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RE: Expedition Wherry comments

I launched my Expedition Wherry in the spring and am more than satisfied with her as well. She rows like a dream.

I thoroughly agree with the problem of holding down the deck. I started off using the plastic wrap on a roll but it had far too much stretch. It was a warm day and there was some anxiety because the epoxy was curing while I scratched my head. Switched to packing tape which did a slightly less than adequate job. I Had to leave town for a week and when I got back and tried to pull the tape off it left behind most of the adhesive. It took me many hours to remove it and no end of frustration. I have no suggestions regarding a better way but surely there must be one.

My only complaint about my boat is that she is too pretty - hard to get away without chatting and I invariably get interupted while I am loading the boat on the trailer and lose my train of thought and drive away without all my stuff or forget to tie something tight. I sometimes think she should be called the Exhibition Wherry. I wonder if CLC could design an invisibility cloak for their boats.

Judy P.




RE: Expedition Wherry comments

   I have to agree , these boats do make it difficult for us introverts


RE: Expedition Wherry comments

Maybe CLC should include a t-shirt that says:

1. Yes it's a wooden boat.

2. Yes I built it myself

3. It took ____ months

4. It weighs ______ pounds

5. It was a kit or I built it from plans

6. No it won't rot, it's covered in epoxy and fiberglass

7. Fiberglass turns transparent

8. Sure, but you couldn't afford it 




RE: Expedition Wherry comments

   Could we get a picture of a Wood Duck on it.

RE: Expedition Wherry comments

Great to hear about the completion of the Wherry!  

This thread was also an enjoyable break from "Breaking News: Final Tense Moments--Only Five Months Til Iowa Primary" on Fox. Laszlo posted my current candidate for Best-of-the-Year.  That "introvert" one was pretty funny too, but it was posted by someone who is not a Washington/Annapolis area insider, as far as I know.  So it would be like voting for Ben or Bernie, just throwing away my enfranchisement.

Sharpie project update: moving along very swiftly now.  Current pre-req to starting so-called "work on the actual boat itself" (over-rated, in my opinion) is some drywall repairs in an Aging 70's-Era Suburban House/Master Bath.  Noticeably more mud was applied today than was sanded off from yesterday (and disposed of by inhalation, to avoid adding more waste to our landfills), in a major reversal of recent disturbing trends.

Boat should be wet by August, for sure.


RE: Expedition Wherry comments

   Congratulations.  I, too, have just launched my Wherry.  I made it from plans, and would choose the kit next time, though ultimately it went together beautifually.  Painted the hull white, with bright decks, and a mahogany rub rail - Looks sharp.

I've got some problems with the row wing and could use some advice.  Neither the oarlock pins nor the stringer attachments are tight enough to not slide or twist.  Any suggestions for firming up these joints?

Second, the two bolts into the interior decks are clearly insufficient to provide a really stable platform for the riggers.  I'm thinking of adding some small blocks with an attachment on the combing.  Any experience out there with this?


RE: Expedition Wherry comments

Can any of the Wherry owners advise how they are tranporting their boats - trailer or roof rack? 

And in a beach launch situation would the use of a set of wheels or a dolly be feasible?

RE: Expedition Wherry comments

 I built the Annapolis Wherry last spring. I built mine in my shop and used sticks blocked up to the ceiling to push down the deck panels. Not sure if that is clear or not? Basically 1" x 1" x around 8' long; just long enough that they bend a bit when braced between the deck and the ceiling.

MikeAqua, I've been car topping (truck topping?) my Annapolis Wherry on my Toyota Tundra for 1 1/2 seasons now. I made a pvc dollie to move it around my yard. I wheel it to the truck; put tip of the bow on my tail gate, unstrap the dollie and place a single wheel block that I built on the top side of the transom. I then flip the boat over, bow still on the tailgate, transom on the single wheel block (this allows me to drag the boat forward onto the truck rack without damaging the boat). I then get under the boat to lift the bow up onto my rear bar rack then move to the stern of the boat and lift, push it the rest of the way onto the truck. I tried using the pvc dollie to launch at the water but find it easier to just carry the boat to the water and install the sliding seat etc. once it's floating. This process has worked well for me. I like not having to deal with a trailer and there isn't any point where I feel like I'm lifting too much weight. I could do a photo sequence of this process if my description doesn't make any sense. 

RE: Expedition Wherry comments


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