How round corners on a dyed boat?


I  am building a Wood Duck 12 and dyed the hull a dark purple before stitching the hull. My problem is I don't know how to go about rounding the edges without ending up with white sports where sanded down. Once the hull is tacked there could be epoxy spots that won't take dye. I can't see a way to round the bow before tacking because of all the stitching. 

Do I not round a dyed hull?  Should I mix a paint to cover sports where I stand through the finish and the epoxied wood won't take dye?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.  The bow and stern have lined up nicely so I don't need to do sanding for fit, only for removing sharp lines before glassing.


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RE: How round corners on a dyed boat?

I had the same concerns with my recently launched SWS!  I contacted Behlen as well as CLC about this, and based on their input and a gut feeling I could pull it off I proceeded.  I had never worked with stains or dyes prior to my project, so I learned a ton!!!  

Here is my two cents worth:

Seal your panels with a thin coat of epoxy just like Nick Schade recommends in his video (link in the Tips For Boatbuilders) on this website)

Round your edges just as if you hadn't dyed the wood, because you'll have  a lot of trouble getting your fiberglass to go around the edge otherwise.

I'm just going to tell you now that you will create light spots when you sand through the dye, but the good news is that it is much easier to fix than I first thought.  It's all in the blending with denatured alcohol (also in Nick's video).  When I first had to do touch-ups I used a thinned down version of my dye,applied it to the bare spot, let it soak a few seconds, and then blended to match the surrounding color.  I kept repeating this process until I was happy with the color match.  Over the course of the build I wound up doing quite a bit of this, so much so that by the end I could do it with full concentration dye.  I would challenge anyone to find a spot where I had to do this!  Remember I had never used dye prior to this!  To be honest I found working with the dye to be one of the most fun aspects of my build.

I hope this helps and encourages you.  I'd be happy to answer any other questions.


RE: How round corners on a dyed boat?

Maybe tack it together on the inside with hot glue, remove the wires, round the edges off, dye the area you sanded, then  then epoxy and glass

RE: How round corners on a dyed boat?

Thanks, that's exactly the info I was looking for.  I'll follow the instructions and touch up the dye after rounding

I have used dyes a fair bit wood turning and often do a dye base under a stain finish to add depth. I'm used to using alcohol to blend and have used dye in airbrushes to fade from one colour to another. I know with wood turning that a glue mark can keep a dye finish from adhering so the epoxy had me worried.

RE: How round corners on a dyed boat?


Just curious how the "rounding" is going?  I'm hopping no news is good news!


RE: How round corners on a dyed boat?


When I rounded the edges I ended up with a two inch wide band on each edge where the dye was sanded off.  I redyed the edges blending it in.  I'm glad I didn't put a coat of epoxy on before sanding because it made the blending a lot easier being able to lift out some of the prior dye with alcohol

It seems silly now to have worried about scratching the dye finish

RE: How round corners on a dyed boat?

  Great news!  I know what you mean about the "silly thing", because there were quite a few things during my build that I fretted over, and they turned out to be hardly any problem at all.  On the other hand there were a few things that caught me completely off-guard.  The important thing is that when you put your mind to it there isn't much that can be a show-stopper!

Looking forward to some shots of your top deck when you get to the finishing stage.  It looks pretty intricate.



RE: How round corners on a dyed boat?

Got the first coat of varnish on and am taking it on a local lake tomorrow morning.  Will finish it off next week varnishing and adding accesories.

The rear hatch was sized to fit a cooler or a hatch cover.  The front hatch has a dry bag inside that is accessible with the skirt on.  Great place for a phone and lunch.

Cooler and skirt installed:

Trunk removed and hatch cover installed:

Interior showing batik floor:

RE: How round corners on a dyed boat?

   I like your wondering river with the fish in it. What did you do on the inside, use a sponge damp w/dye?

RE: How round corners on a dyed boat?


The inside is a piece of fabric laid under the fibreglass

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