Skerry footbraces

OK, more opinion time.  If I intend to use the Sea-Dek nonskid on my Skerry, should I bother with installing the foot braces on the bottom.  Seems it would just make more obstructions on the bottom, but a vertical brace does give more positive rowing traction than even the nonskid flooring.  Decisions....

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RE: Skerry footbraces

   if i were doing it over, I would not put the braces in. i am not a serious rower (or sailor for that matter) though. I find them a bit in the way when i sail and not that helpful when i row. if I had it to do over and wanted foot braces, i think I would figure out exactly where i wanted them and then come up with a way to make them detachable. Just my two cents

RE: Skerry footbraces

Hi Sawdust,

1: If we are two people:  I have a board clamping around the daggerboard case.

2: Rowing alone: I have a few boards screwed together. Part A fits herein. I am too tall and do not use Part A. My feet rest on B.

3: This is just a test setup with very thick wood; I had nothing else available.

Regards Ruud


RE: Skerry footbraces

  You're right about keeping the interior clear. But, if rowing more than a few yards you'll absolutely want well located foot braces. Even without a sliding seat you get a big push from your legs.

Also, without being locked into the boat pulling the oars will tend to pull you off the seat and it's tiring to hold yourself in place. Rudd's removable braces look like a great idea to keep things uncluttered.

Cheers, ev

RE: Skerry footbraces

   OK, I like Ruud's idea.  Going with Sea-Dek and not screwing the braces to the bottom.  I'll probably look at making a single piece, because I'm rowing solo.

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