Hull Gouge Problem

While attempting to correct a hull assembly error I made while assembling my Night Heron Hybrid, I sanded too deep on two spots, gouging through the surface grain. Not appreciating the significance of my mistake, I went ahead and sheathed the hull in fiberglass. Now I gave two areas where the hull is not "fair". As the hull will be white, not varnished, should I use a mixture of epoxy/wood flour to fill the hollows? Some other remedy? Or just let it be? In advance, thank you for your individual and collected wisdom.  Tim Clark






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RE: Hull Gouge Problem

if you are going to paint over it, imperfections like this are most easily handled with a Microballoon filler  (look it up on google....there are several reputable brands).

this filler, mixed in with epoxy, is specifically meant for fairing is light and easily worked....much easier than wood flour to sand fair and fix imperfections/gounges.

hope that helps


RE: Hull Gouge Problem

   I second Howard's suggestion

RE: Hull Gouge Problem

Aside from the fairing compound solutions mentioned above, there's also high-build primers specifically used for fairing at that stage, depending on the severity of the fairing needed.

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