Dolly for Skerry


I'm planning on cartopping my Skerry, and already planning a side-loading scheme.  For getting it to the shore, I'm looking at various dollies.  I have no time now to make one, which shouldn't be that hard, so am looking at what's on market.  CLC currently shows the "Clipper Kayak-Canoe" cart:

West Marine has one with larger wheels, which should be nice, and a bit more payload, the Seattle Sports ATC Kayak Dolly that looks like it'd fit:

Anybody have any experience to share with these for a Skerry or maybe a NE Dory?


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RE: Dolly for Skerry

   Take a look at the C-Tug dolly.  It is not cheap but its very strong and quickly disassembles for easy storage.

RE: Dolly for Skerry

   Hmm, a possibility. Very compact, which would be good if taking it in the boat for portages.  Not a real issue for my uses. I think I'll look up the widths on all these.  The skerry could use a wider platform.

RE: Dolly for Skerry

   Would the classic Sunfish-style dolly, that fits into the daggerboard slot, work with a Skerry?



RE: Dolly for Skerry

   I built one out of 2" pvc following, more or less, some designs on the web. I used wheels from harbor freight. Total cost less than $20.  I made straps from webbing that attach to the rear and center oar locks. Rolls great on pavement and hard pack. It drags a bit on sand at beaches but does okay. I'd avoid narrow wheels for that reason. If I don't put it back in the truck, I put it in the bow while I'm on the water. 

RE: Dolly for Skerry

Three things.

1.'ll have to carry and move it about. Why would you want a heavy thing?

2. Secure..........straps need to secure it well.  The most frustrating thing is when it gets loose and slips either into a "crab" or slips all the way off dropping the boat.

3. needs to be able to become smaller without tools. Tools take longer when you want to get on the water. Big and klunky just gets in the way in the car, in the boat, etc.    

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