Help needed finishing a Chester Yawl

Hello all!

I have a CLC Chester Yawl I have purchased in 2007. Through two moves it followed me and I eventually started building it in 2013. Building a few hours here and there, I got it finished to this point in 2014. I started the “finishing” process in 2015 but was gone most of the spring and summer for my job. I am currently putting my house for sale and will move yet, again. 

Having mentioned the above, I am looking for someone in NC, SC, VA, preferably within "reasonable" driving distance of Raleigh, NC to finish the boat for me. I have all the necessary primer, paint, varnishes and even epoxy, rollers and brushes and masking tape. I will, of course compensate the person for labor in helping me finish this yawl so that it can see water to its lines comes early spring. I do not yet have a trailer for transportation. Anyone able and interested, please PM me at [email protected]. I can send photos of the assembled boat. It is epoxy coated inside and out, as well as sanded. It will require a few epoxy touch ups, primer and paint on the outside with bright finish on the inside. Thank you in advance for your responses.

Kind Regards,

Eric Du Pont

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RE: Help needed finishing a Chester Yawl

Eric ,I live in Asheville.Any interest in selling the chester yawl? Tony 828 242 1949    

RE: Help needed finishing a Chester Yawl

Hi Tony. Thank you for the interest, but the CY is not for sale, at this time. Best to you, neighbor! Love, Asheville ... I visit friends, there several times every year.



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