Skerry and old man rowing performance.

I enjoy rowing and built a Skerry as primarily a rowing boat. I have the sprit sail rig as well but I'm not a great sailor. :)

I live in a great part of the world, just south of Marmaris in Turkey and two slow minutes walk from the beach. I like to get out on the water, in the summer months to get my exercise instead of sweating on the rowing machine.

I often take my GPS so that I can log my metres rowed and below is a Google earth track of a run out a few days ago. The average speed while moving (I stop to drink, aet and chat to other boat people) is about 6.5 kms an hour or around 3.5 knots. I'm sure others could do better but hey, I'm nearly 65. Anyway, the Skerry rows really well and will maybe be a bit better next year when I buy a set of spoonblade oars.  :) Great design Mr Harris - thanks.


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RE: Skerry and old man rowing performance.

   Thanks for the inspiration, Yambo.

RE: Skerry and old man rowing performance.

Did you build the boat in Turkey?  How hard was it to get the kit (or materials) delivered there?


RE: Skerry and old man rowing performance.

Hi Doug!

Yes, I built the boat here in Turkey. I built from plans and sourced most of the supplies locally - plywood, other timber, fibreglass, epoxy etc. I couldn't get 9mm plywood here so used 10mm where appropriate and as we have a rocky/stony beach I covered the whole of the outside of the hull with 300 g/sq/m fibreglass. Plywood sizes are different here 2.3 m x 1.7 m so the side panels are made up from 3 pieces. I was also not convinced my scarph joints were that good so the whole of the inside is fibreglassed with 200 g/sq/m. It all adds some weight but that's not really an issue for me. 

I brought some bits and pices from the UK, bronze rowlocks and the hatch covers for example but most was bought locally. 


RE: Skerry and old man rowing performance.

   Thanks for letting me know.  My wife's family lives in Greece, and we often visit during the summer.   We have been enjoying building a Skerry here in the USA, and we might want to build another boat (a NE Dory?) in Greece some time when we are visiting.

RE: Skerry and old man rowing performance.

 GPS track on Google earth re-posted due to Birch2's post 9/15/19 regarding boat speeds.

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