Kayaking Across Canada

Greetings and Happy New Year, Y'all

I am planning a drive from Edmonton to somewhere on Newfoundland and hope to kayak my way across Canada with my g/f and two kayaks. I will begin the trip on June 20 and hope to arrive home with lots of reports to file on July 12. If anyone would like me to stop by along the way, let me know. You can email me at [email protected] or leave a message here.

 Robert N Pruden

Edmonton, Alberta 


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I won't literally be kayaking across Canada, just dropping the kayaks on any body of water that looks interesting as we drive along our route. There is no real itinerary, any kayaking decisions will be spontaneously made. ie - Hey, lookit that water...let's go, eh! Montreal is on the list already since Glen Smith lives nearby.

Robert N Pruden 


RE: Kayaking Across Canada

Dear Robert,

I am very interested in your experience attaching bow rub strips or sacrifice strips. 

While we appreciate the beauty of a wood kayak, we still view it as a tool to get us where we want to go.  For us, that most often is a granite shoreline. 

How did you attach either the ash or brass bow strip?

Did you have any problems with leaks developing at the fasteners?


Sincerely, Ted


RE: Kayaking Across Canada

I was wondering if you had created an amphibous kayak and would change from paddles to poles and flip the wheels down whenever you hit the dry struff.  Was a little concerned about visability and maintaining minimal speeds on the road.

 Glad to hear you won't risk being road kill.



Message to Ted on the Tundra

Ted, was looking back at old messages and am not sure if I helped you understand how to add rub strips to the keel. Did I help you with this? I am currently adding a brass edge to the keel of my kayak to protect it from harsh surfaces. let me know. Email me at [email protected]


Robert N Pruden

RE: Kayaking Across Canada

Always great to hear from you, Pruden.  Have a great journey!  (We're all a little jealous, truth be told.)  If you get lost and find yourself in SW Ohio, do stop in.  The Boat Wife will rustle you up some good homecooked food while you do a (optimistic) survey of the Sharpie out in the garage and convince me to get working on it again so I can move it out and make room for the old Buick before the snows come.

RE: Kayaking Across Canada

Now THAT sounds like an offer I can't refuse. Once I am done kayaking the Canadian north, I will look south for some good home cooking. :)  As it is, I have been thinking of heading south to the Great Salt Lake again to kayak with Scott B again, did that a few years ago. I think I can tie in a side trip to Ohio once I get that paddle done. Perhaps in a couple of years. Next year Linda (my main squeeze these days and fellow kayaker) wants to do the drive across Canada next summer. With two kayaks and a pretty babe, I can't turn down that kind of an offer, can I.


Robert N Pruden


Robert N Pruden

RE: Kayaking Across Canada

Sounds like a plan, call when you get within a couple blocks because Kate has a thing about vacuuming, but I don't like to spend an excessive amount of time on it.  She gets over it as soon as the door opens and everybody hollers and hugs and the ladies go back out on the deck and have their Margaritas brought out to them.

Paddling the Great Salt Lake sounds interesting. My tupper yak would almost float to her lines.  We've seen it a couple times, and other parts of the West, but only in recent years.  Gosh if we'd known the West was there we'd have driven out for a look back when gas was cheap.  Lots of places to dip a kayak in.

RE: Kayaking Across Canada

Give me shout when you get the he Great Salty Lake, it's in my neck of the woods, yes there is atleast one of us in Utah :)

 Hopefully I will have gotten my boat purhased and built by then, if I could see my blasted car I could get to it already.

You don't want to paddle it in the summer, it stinks too bad, spring or fall is better. 



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