compass on dory

where 's the best/most usefull place to mount a compass on a lug rigged dory?   thoughts about the rowing compass?  on hanging from mast thwart?lighted would be nice...

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RE: compass on dory

I used the cutout from the transom (scrap) to make a compass mount, which i bolt under the mast partner on the centerline sticking out aft of the mast.   I used machine bolts epoxied into the plywood sticking up, drilled holes through the partner and use wing-nuts on the top of the partner to tighten this rig in place.   It rarely gets removed, but if you have a passenger who wants to sit on the forward thwart while you are sailing, it's easy to remove.  

For rowing -- and we learned this through experience in fog in maine -- 

- for two man rowing, you need to remove the mast partner anyway.   we leave the compass on the partner and just secure the partner to the gunwales aft (I have two cleats inboard of the gunwales at about where the front of the aft thwart is which we found we could tie the partner down to). The partner faces forward and you just read the compass and add 180 to the reading.  

- for one man rowing, I have a ritchey kayaker compass which pulls off the base with just a twist, and I just set it down on the thwart aft of amidships so I can see it while rowing. No need to unbolt the plywood mount from the mast partner.  if you're rowing, there is probably no wind so the compass should not be jumping around from boat motion even though it is not secured to the thwart.  

RE: compass on dory

���Has anyone ever used a rear facing mirror while rowing?

RE: compass on dory

I have.

First one of those bicyclist rear-view mirrors that clip to your glasses. That worked out so well that I've purchased a pair of truck side-view mirrors and am making mounts so they can be adjustably and temporarily added to the boat for use while rowing and removed for sailing.

And before you ask, Curt, no pictures yet. The project is still in progress. :-)

Go for it, it's very practical,



RE: compass on dory

Aha Laszlo,

you are not the only one. I'm experimenting with mirrors too on my Skerry and yes, no pictures yet.

Althougt i find them a little small, the famous Inwe (oughtred elf) has mirrors too:



RE: compass on dory

   Here is what a guy in Port Townsend did....believe it was a water ski mirror?  What are your thoughts on flat or convex?

RE: compass on dory

Don't be a hijacker, start a new thread :-)  

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