Winter Open House Saturday 12-12-15

We've got a great lineup of seminars for our annual Winter Open House on Saturday, December 12. Plus it's a good opportunity to hang out with fellow boat nuts, and maybe win a door prize (RSVP to be eligible). Join us!


  • 10am.: Epoxy Fillets for Dummies with John C. Harris

If you're still pronouncing "fillet" as in "fish filet," this is the seminar for you. Epoxy fillets (that's "FILL-its" to the in-crowd) are how modern wood-epoxy composite boats like those in CLC's catalog are held together. Easy to do, but hard to do well; John will show you how to do it well.

  • 11am: Sharpening, Setting Up, and Using Block Planes with Troy Beall

Block planes are one of the tools you reach for most often when building a small boat. But if they aren't sharp and adjusted properly, your block plane is mainly good as a doorstop. Troy Beall of the Annapolis Woodworking School sets you straight.

  • 12pm: Fiberglassing Techniques with Eric Schade

Fiberglass and epoxy provide wooden boats with a rugged, clear sheathing that's both structural and attractive. Wrinkles? Runs? Air bubbles? Not after Eric shows you how professional boatbuilders do it.

  • 1pm: Advanced Fiberglassing Techniques with John C. Harris

Okay, you're getting the fiberglass down without making a total mess. Let's take it a step further and talk about the different kinds of fiberglass, and advanced application techniques such as using "peel-ply."

  • 2pm: Shop Tour & CNC Demonstration

Tour our factory, watch how we make thousands of wooden boat kits, and get up close to CLC's brand-new, state-of-the-art $250,000 robotic cutter

  • 3pm: Varnish Like a Pro with Eric Schade


You've been sanding for weeks, and at last, you pop open a can of varnish to put the gloss on your new wooden boat. But oy! Three coats later you've got a sagging, mottled surface that doesn't look like the boat in the photos. Watch and learn how we apply and maintain the varnish on our own boats.

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