Wood Duck 12 - Forward Hatch?

I have seen pics of 2 different Wood Duck12s (yep 12s for sure) with a custom (obviously) forward hatch.  Anyone on the boards have thougts/recommendations?  I just unpacked my WD 12 kit today so figured it is the right time to ask.

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RE: Wood Duck 12 - Forward Hatch?

   Not needed, alot of extra work. build the bulkhead, spacer, rim, cut the hatch, build a doubler or ribs reinforce the lid and hold the right shape, then assemble everything. There is not much flat space on the front deck, so the access would have to be pretty small.

   Without the hatch, you can slide down and take a nap. Getting water out is really easy, roll the duck upside down, slowly lift the front, wait for the water to pour out, while the front is up, roll it back upside right. Do a standard cowboy re-entry. Storage is also not a big issue, use a large 30-40 liter dry bag, much better access than through a small hatch. The ducks like to be loaded heavier in the rear, so, if you are camping, load your drybag with lighter stuff, and the back hatch with heavier stuff.

   As mentioned before take your time bending the front and rear bottom panels. They don't give you any warning before they snap off. good luck, JRC.

RE: Wood Duck 12 - Forward Hatch?

+1 to the above.

In addition, there is no such thing as a truly leakproof hatch. With the stock design you have dry legs and crotch, not so if you put a (leaky) hatch on the front.

You also lose the view of that lovely (especially if you sprung for the sapele) deck. The long wild grain lines get disturbed by the hatch.

So put down the tools and slowly back away from the deck :-)



RE: Wood Duck 12 - Forward Hatch?

   JRC and Laszlo thank you for the quick response. I will marshall on with the plan. BTW I think I have Laszlo's website memorized and will have it as a ready resource each step of the way. The folks on this board have been great with my questions. Thanks to all. 

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