Trailex for the CLC Teardrop

I am building a Northeaster Dory, and am salivating over the thought of the teardrop trailer.  I'd like to buy a trailer during the current shipping promotion, so I'm thinking about buying the SUT-250 Special.  The trailer needs to move the boat to the beach once or twice in the year, and back home.  I'm planning on renting storage at the beach for several months a year, so the boat won't be on the trailer very often.  When the boat isn't on the trailer, I'm hoping it can be used for the teardrop.

I know I'll have to work with the mounts and bunks to transition between the teardrop and the boat.  That's not a problem.  What I'm wondering is whether I should wait for the trailex designed for the teardrop, and use that for the boat, or if the SUT-250 Special will be enough to handle the teardrop.


Thanks, -Matt


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RE: Trailex for the CLC Teardrop

The first picture of the teardrop in the photo gallery appears to be the it sitting on top of a Trailex SUT-220. I would think that the SUT-250 would have no problem handling the teardrop. The one designed for the teardrop may not be able to handle the NE dory very well.

RE: Trailex for the CLC Teardrop


   Matt, not sure where you are located but I have a n SUT -250 listed in the for sale forum.  Like new and set up a NE Dory.  Gil 




RE: Trailex for the CLC Teardrop

Thanks for the option, but I live in Southern California.  It's a little out of the way from Annapolis.  :)



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