WD10 Hybrid Bow and Stern

Can anyone say whether the puzzle joints in the WD10 Hybrid kit hull panels are closer to the bow or to the stern? I can't clearly discern from the manual which is which. The parts layout drawing shows the joint pretty close to midship, but the joint in the wood is very clearly MUCH closer to one end or the other. Also, in the real wood, the widest part of the joined bottom panel, 11 1/2 inches, is about 55 inches from one end and 67 inches from the other end. I have a hunch that the widest part of the panel should be closer to the stern than the bow, which would put the puzzle joint closer to the bow than the stern. Before I wind up putting the transom at the wrong end, can anyone advise me?  Thanks.

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RE: WD10 Hybrid Bow and Stern

   I can't say for sure on the WD10, but I am working on a WD12 and had similar confusion.  On mine, the joints on the bottom panels was toward the bow, the joints on the side panels was toward the stern.  This put the wider part of the side panels at the bow.  I checked and double checked and it looked like the stitch holes only really lined up one way.  You may want to line these up first and check.

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