Autiumn Leaves


Why do you keep doing this to me? Four really nice expedition designs in as many years.

Is it named Autumn Leaves because it'll be ready for MASCF?



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RE: Autiumn Leaves

   So.... Pocket Change .......Nanoship.......Nesting Expedition Dinghy .....and now the neat Autumn Leaves. All great designs but never offered for sale in plan or kit form.Why tease us with these neat boats but not offer any of them to customers to build? Wanted a Nanoship but have now settled on a SCAMP.

RE: Autiumn Leaves

   I'm still waiting for the Chesapeake Not So Light Craft 52 footer. Maybe by April 1st.

RE: Autiumn Leaves

   John does say -

"Plans for Autumn Leaves are being completed as of this writing, and will be offered as an inexpensive PDF download once ready.  We could CNC-cut a kit for someone sufficiently energized by the design;  study PocketShip for a rough idea of what a kit would cost."

Are being completed.

Not a vague work in progress, but "being completed"

Any news on NED?




RE: Autumn Leaves

>>>So.... Pocket Change .......Nanoship.......Nesting Expedition Dinghy .....and now the neat Autumn Leaves. All great designs but never offered for sale in plan or kit form.>>>>

There's a frustrating interval between showing off these new designs and their availability as kits or plans.  My excuse is reasonably good:  we are very fussy and careful with documentation, and it just takes lots of time. (As a Peeler Skiff BETA builder, Bob, you got to experience the whole process from start to finish.  That's a boat with absolutely outstanding documentation, but it took time.)

NanoShip, Nesting Expedition Dinghy, and Autumn Leaves are all on the front burner at present.  We've got three people working full-time on those projects.

So why show unfinished work at all?  A very fair question, and there's a compelling argument that we shouldn't dangle these shiny new things without establishing a firm release date. On the other hand, "teasing" with new designs has two valuable benefits:  First, we get feedback from the public early in the design spiral, which can be incorporated as we work on the prototypes. Second, we can gauge the level of interest and thus calibrate how much of our limited resources we invest. We're not Apple...

As for Pocket Change, it was just a sketch.  I got maybe three serious inquiries for it. It was worth the trouble, though. Over four or five years that sketch evolved into...Autumn Leaves.

Now, if only I could find time to finish the drawings for that 38-foot motor launch...

Plywood Motor Launch

Or that lovely 19'8" faering...

CLC Faering

Or the Painless 14.5...

RE: Autiumn Leaves

  And what about that lovely small trimaran I am still waiting for ?

Autumn Leaves is being very well received on Duckworks Facebook Group just now.


RE: Autiumn Leaves


I'm not so worried about the eventual release dates as by the fact that there are now 4 really nice boats that I want to build, my garage is full, I'm using off-site boat storage and I haven't finished using up the boats that I already have. Autumn Leave's interior looks very pleasant from my point of view and it shows every sign of being a very nice expedition boat. But so do the others. Not to mention the Faering Cruiser. Life is too good.

Anyway, if you took a Wight Potter and put in nitrous oxide tanks, instead of sulfur dioxide, would you have a Painless Potter?



RE: Autiumn Leaves

Gotta love Painless 14.5. Do you have any planns to incorporate that innovative glutial thwacker into any other designs? 

RE: Autiumn Leaves

   So, did Autumn Leaves get a sharpie bottom rather than a vee bottom like Pocketship for ease of build, or other design considerations?  You say (and I agree...having sailed in the Severn Washing Machine) that you made the pocketship vee'd to cut through wakes and chop better.  Is the idea to sail Autumn Leaves on the chine to get that effect?  In light airs, will chop tend to stop it?

RE: Autiumn Leaves


Bolger addresses that very issue in Boats With An Open Mind. He says exactly what you ask - flat-bottomed boats are sailed on their chines to turn them into quasi-V-bottoms. The theory is that when the winds are too light for that, there is no chop and then the rockered flat-bottom configuration with the shorter waterline reduces the wetted area and drag friction.

Obviously not a valid theory in an area infested with "meatchopper" stinkpots. Though I have been out on the Severn myself in an open pirogue when it was totally glassy, but that condition usually goes away by 11:00 am in boating season.




RE: Autiumn Leaves

   You know if you reposition the glutial thwaker just a bit you would'nt need the cow bell

RE: Autiumn Leaves


I, for one, wholeheartedly support releasing new designs before they're "ready" for all of the reasons you stated, but also to see where CLC is heading.  All of your boats that I'm interested in building have been around for 10 years now.  It' very refreshing to see not only the depth of the designs, but the breadth.  Whether it's a proa, outrigger or a faering, these are all vastly different designs which spring from seafaring cultures all over the world and throughout history.  The fact that CLC is capturing those differences and distilling them into stitch &glue versions, making them accessible to guys & gals in their garages is not only amazing, but an important contribution to society.

As a side effect of sneak peeks, you probably get some masochists to volunteer to be beta builders.  

Keep up the good work!  If what you are doing didn't elicit strong feelings, some folks wouldn't complain.  I had a painting of mine stolen once and I looked at it as a compliment. 

RE: Autiumn Leaves

   Painless 14.5 .............I supose it makes as much sense as a gorrilla paddling a kayak. Are you getting any pre-release orders. 

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