oops... mas epoxy mix mistake

Been a long while since last boat project and misread the Mas epoxy label, it said 2:1 and so I pushed two resin squirts to one hardener squirt. Yes I know... But I then used   it on a couple of Okoume plank scarfs. Even though they appear to have hardened up after 24-36hrs in my cold basment, concerned with longevity, etc. 


1) how compromised is / will this joint be assuming ample time to cure ( or appear to cure as my case is)? Is there a strength percentage estimate when compared to a properly ratioed epoxy mix?

2) Or is it better to just heat gun the scarfs apart and redo? Thanks!







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RE: oops... mas epoxy mix mistake

   I have no hard numbers for this but for peace of mind you may want to heat gun the scarfs, clean them up and do them over. We all have brain bubbles occasionaly. It's good you caught it early.

RE: oops... mas epoxy mix mistake

   You got lucky, just like William Kneas last week. He did the same on some puzzle joints. If you are going to fiberglass the boat - no worries at all. The glass will add tons of strength. If not, pull at the joint - I bet it is fine. Sometimes epoxy seems less sensitive to mix ratio than folks make it out to be - I am sure I have just generated a lot of comments to the opposite.

Of course, If you don't believe in getting lucky, and think it will haunt you, redo the joint.

RE: oops... mas epoxy mix mistake

   2:1 mix ratio, resin : hardener.

What's the problem? I'm missing something.

RE: oops... mas epoxy mix mistake


The MAS epoxy pumps are set to dispense twice as much resin as hardener. You do 1 pump each to get the 2:1 ratio.

RE: oops... mas epoxy mix mistake


Thanks all for the replies.

So - lacking assurances that 'set is set' and no worries, the consensus is a strong nod to do over and peace of mind. And being of the haunted sort I'm off to Home Depot for a heat gun. A pia but I feel better already -:) Oh - advice on temperature settings I'll need? I have some thinly tapered scarfs I must be super careful with when pulling apart... cheers all.



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