Dory Oarlocks

Getting ready to install oarlocks on my NE Dory and have a question. The angle of the bearing surfaces on the rub rail (top of rail and inside surface of sheer plank) do not match the top and side surfaces of the oarlock itself. Net result is if I seat the oarlock firmly on the top of the rail, the other surface of the oarlock sits 2-4 mm proud of the inside surface of the hull. Will bedding compound be substantial enough to "fix" this, or will I need to fine tune the bearing surfaces to ensure a firm seat for the oarlock?

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RE: Dory Oarlocks

  I used the angle brackets too.  Made a paste of thickened epoxy for bedding compound. Predrilled screw holes then used packing tape to cover contact surfaces of oarlock. Slathered on thickened epoxy and lightly screwed locks in place. Then carefully cleaned off squeeze out to follow contours of oarlocks. After cure removed the locks, cleaned off the tape and permanently attached. Added silicone calk to screw threads to seal the wood from water intrusion. 3 years now and no problems.



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