Pretty soon, I'll be getting to the point of startring to assemble cedar strips in the deck on a WD-10 hybrid. I'm thinking of gluing a gunwale/rubstrip on the outside of the sheer, standing 1/4 inch proud of the sheer to serve as a retainer fpr the deck strips as I start to install them, I've done this before, on a couple pf cedar strip kayaks, so I know it works and looks great. In the past I used cypress, which is hard (good) and bendable with a little steam (also good), but tends to compress the hull inward at the curve in the midship area (not so good). I'm not worried about the compressing this time around, because the temporary deck forms should prevent that.Can anyone suggest an alternative wood for this purpose? 


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RE: gunwale/rubstrip?


I've used pine molding strips from Home Depot for my pirogue, sailing dinghy and schooner. They've worked well for me. Definitely softer than cypress, but I find that a feature, not a bug. They crush, not splinter, on impact and dings can be soaked out.

For extra strength, I laminate multiple thin layers. Since each layer is separated from the others by the epoxy glue, I only ever have to replace a single layer if rot ever gets into it. It's like having a wooden leaf spring for a rub rail.

Depending on the molding profile, the stuff is reasonably priced. You can also find nice clear-grained pieces in 20-ft lengths, so no scarphing needed.

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