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Has anyone searched for a rearview mirror for a rowing boat. What I have found on the internet is a very expensive rail mounted version for $129 out of Canada. All the junk yards have modern car mirrors that will not adapt to a 1/2" pipe and go into my inner rail or oarlock and the eyeglass or hat mounted mirrors don't really fit my need, I'm looking for a larger field of vision. If anyone has a suggestion it would greatly appreciated. Thanks Dan

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RE: rearview mirror

I want do add a rear view mirror too and I want it to be easily stowed when sailing so it's not in the way.  I looked at a truck stop and they had 3 different size of curved mirrors...didnt get one because I want to try a water ski boat type mirror, maybe like this:   

A fellow dory builder in WA State had this set up:

Another view:

(first time trying  links, did they work?)

Will be interested to hear ideas.




RE: rearview mirror

I would try a cycling mirror that is attached to sunglasses.  The mirror close to your eyes gives you a large field of vision, and you can turn your head and see even more areas behind you.  Take a Look Mirrors are nice. I can see behind me much better when cycling as opposed to a car with a rear view mirror.  They are a cheap gamble, but adapting is harder with them.

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