Hybrid deck patterns

Is there a place somewhere on the CLC site where I can see a collection of photos of strip-built deck designs that folks have come up with? I'm staring at a pile of beautifully milled strips in red and white cedar and something that looks like black walnut, and I have a few ideas, but I'd love to check out what others have done, for inspiration. I'm building a WD 10, by the way. Thanks.


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RE: Hybrid deck patterns

 For my first strip build (pict below), I went through the gallery for each of the strip designs on this site and added the pictures (designs) that I liked best to a Word file.  That worked fine but the file was HUGE.  I am currently building a strip boat for my wife who is a big Pintrest user.  She tought me how to "Pin" pictures that I like to a board.  That was much easier than the word file and it lives online so we could both look at it fromseparate devices.


RE: Hybrid deck patterns

  I really liked the picture you shared, I will also follow your advice of pinterest. Thanks for sharing.

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