Sanding hull and deck prior to glassin

I am sanding our Wood Duck Double with hope to fiberglass the hull  and perhaps the deck this weekend. I have two questions.  (1) There is a fairly consistent quarter inch edge where the deck overlaps the hull in both the bow and stern areas.  I recognize that this isn't quite what the designer expected, but that's what has happened.  Do I sand/rasp that overhang down so that the hull and deck form a smooth curve or do I leave well enough alone? (2) The bow is aligned, but the hull plates are a bit gappy.  Do I fiberfill to create a smooth edge or just accept that fiberglass and reinforcing tape will cover the gap?  Here are pictures.



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RE: Sanding hull and deck prior to glassin

   You are correct on both accounts.

1. you want to sand/cut/rasp the overhang away. When you fiberglass the deck the fiberglass will overlap the sides of the hull by an inch or two, adding much strength. The fiberglass wants to lay flat on the surface beneath it and will never make the turns involve in the overlap - remove it and add a nice radius to the deck/hull joint for the glass to follow.

2. same issue - you are correct, fill the gap with some thickened epoxy (peanut butter) and then sand/rasp a nice radius to your bow so the fiberglass can lay against the surface with no air bubbles.

You boat looks great - keep going!


RE: Sanding hull and deck prior to glassin

Thanks, Joel.  I am finding this boat to be forgiving of novice errors.  That is a very good thing because we are learning as we go. Now the next boat ...  Maybe I'd better get this one in the water first.


RE: Sanding hull and deck prior to glassin

Just looked through your album. Great progress so far. Since you glassed your hatch rims before installing the deck, you can suspend the whole kayak with some sticks in the hatches and apply your final coats of epoxy to the whole boat. Your next kayak will go together alot easier, still the same amount of work, alot less head scratching. Good luck. JRC   

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