Northeasterl Dory Fillets

If one of your fillets turns out to be of mediocre quality, ie raggedy edges (I was getting tired!) is it a sound tactic to rough up the surface and lay up thickened epoxy over the top to make the overall fillet neater? My thought is that if I mix the epoxy to the same consistency and lay over a bead of epoxy from a piping bag and use only a marginally larger stick / spatula / thingymijig, that i might get a better looking fillet? Thoughts helpful people? Gerry51

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RE: Northeasterl Dory Fillets

   Hey Gerry51, hope your build is going well and you're having a fun!  I don't see this doing any harm as long as the previous surfaced has been roughed up a little bit.  As John mentioned in the book, wait about an hour or two until the epoxy fillet has gelled, dip your gloved finger in some denatured alcohol and smooth out the fillet manually.  This works great, similar to smoothing out a bead of caulk.  

Post some pictures! I'm sure we'd all love to see your progress

RE: Northeasterl Dory Fillets

   Thanks Giggin. Done all that with the finger and metho (denatured alcohol) and works a treat. Just that this one got away from me..bugger! Pics to follow...soon! Gerry51

RE: Northeasterl Dory Fillets

The only downside to doing it that way is that one fillet may be larger than the others. It could be visually jarring.



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