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This helped me; maybe it will be of interest to others: In building the strip deck for a Wood Duck 10 Hybrid, I decided to follow the curve of the sheer for every strip, with each strip butting up against and coming to rest on a shouldered king plank running down the centerline. Maintaining the fair curve against the flat of each strip as I installed it, even with pre-steaming, was tricky. First, I set a strip up using bar clamps, just to keep everything in place while I worked. Then, . I used steel quarter-inch plate glass mirror clips (available at hardware stores) as temporary retainers, screwed into the top of each deck form where it was ccrossed by a strip (after drilling a pilot hole to avoid splitting the particle board form). Between deck forms, just to keep the pressure even on the glued joint between strips, I used a slotted blocl of wood secured with a 3/16-inch bungee to eye screws along the inside sheer clamp (yes, I used sheer clamps) and outside the hull. After the mirror clips and bungee-blocks were secure, I removed the bar clamps, because squeezing pressure from them would tend to deform the hull as the glued joint dried. Once they are removed, the glued joint dries into a more pleasing, fair camber.

(I hope these pic come out OK; if they are too large, I'll try again.)






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RE: Hybrid deck strip tip


Thanks for your posting, just about to take this step on on my Wood Duck and now I have a better handle on it. Question's - the forms didn't fit very well, did you have this issue? If you did how did you deal with it? Modify the form or reshape the hull around the form?

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