Fiberglass overlap on nose

Quick question regarding fiberglassing of nose section of Kaholo 14 SUP.  What's the best way to glass small, rounded areas like the nose of the board?  Is it okay to place a small patch on the nose to ensure complete coverage of that area, as it is somewhat difficult to wrap the cloth and ensure smooth finish?  First time doing this kind of project.  Thanks!


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RE: Fiberglass overlap on nose


no one seems to have answered your question over the weekend, maybe you worked it out yourself. The answer is Yes. work the glass anyway that gets it done - small patch, cut gussets, shread the glass (like making your own glass matt, Matt), The point of the bow is a good spot to have a nice layer of protective glass - you will be hitting the bow on ...


RE: Fiberglass overlap on nose

The type/weave/bias of the fiberglass is also important.  Some weaves can handle being distorted over curved surfaces better than others.  If you're using a fg weave that doesn't behave well over the curved surface, you can cut little triangles out (pointy side inwards) to help it lay down properly.  You can also all layers as needed.  Remember, the glass disappears when you wet it out and then you just have to sand it out fair.

I had some ugly overlaps on my skeg and just made sure the glass/epoxy was good to go, then sanded it down fair (enough).

RE: Fiberglass overlap on nose

   Great, thanks for the replies.  Most of the nose was covered with a simple cut and wrap with initial laydown of fabric, but a small hole at the apex of the nose was left that I'll just patch, glass, then sand.  Thanks again!

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