Getting close

Wish I could have had it ready for Mystic. Seems like the last 5% of a build takes 25% of the effort.

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RE: Getting close

   Very pretty!

RE: Getting close

   Looks like it was time well spent!

RE: Getting close

Wow! That is looking very, very nice!   

RE: Getting close

   This boat looks amazing. You leave me wanting to see more photos, also can you or anybody else please quickly explain if possible an easy way to post photos on this site as i am in the early stages of a n,e dory build and would like to post somes pics in the future. Good luck with the rest of the build.

RE: Getting close

   I used TinyPic to upload the picture and then followed the instructions for including a photo at the top of the forum's main page.

So this makes two.

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