Not fair :-(

Well, I've been drooling over the Kaholo SUP for many months now. 

As I live in Oz, freight for kits is beyond the reach of mortal man, so I live in hope of plans for the boats I want.  I waited patiently as the impending release went from "soon" to "late 2008" to "early 2009" to, finally, "now available!"  My joy was unfounded!

But, as the gap to Plan Release Date narrowed, my heart sank as the gap between US and AU dollar widened.  I managed to by a couple of sets of plans for kayaks at 90c to the dollar - as close as it gets.  Even with airmail the prices were reasonable.

So now, here I am in a week of 100 degree farenheit (40-42 celcius) days, the water is cool and beaches are hives of activity.  But thanks to people much smarter than me, the $89 USD plans are now going to set me back $135 plus postage.  Oh, cruel world!

OK, so not the end of the world, but still frustrating as money is tight and I'll need to save a bit longer.

Just thought I'd share my pain with those of you who''s USD is still worth a whole USD!!

But hopefully finances will allow me to order plans before next summer.  May not have the first wood SUP here but that's life ;-)


PS The plans look awesome :-)

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RE: Not fair :-(

Never mind, Darren - we Aussies still have a hell of a lot going for us!   I faced the same dilemma recently, but bit the bullet @ 69c, and went ahead, even ordering more stuff (seat, etc) just recently.

Go ahead - you won't reget it - you are a long time dead!

Lol from Oz (Brisbane - Chesapeake 17LT)

RE: Not fair :-(

I do agree Lol - I can put up with the exchange rate, tax rates and our government to love here :-) 

Yes, it's only around $60 difference with postage but that's the cost of all the ply or half the epoxy for the build.  Still, the Lotto ticket is in...

It may be the heat, but I'm considering just whacking down the credit card anyway....

Enjoy the Qld weather!



RE: Not fair :-(

"Yes, it's only around $60 difference with postage but that's the cost of all the ply or half the epoxy for the build"

I know what you mean. We Aussies have had it good for a long time. Not sure why the USD is going up, just as they're entering a recession. Presumably someone with a big, thobbing brain can 'splain it all to us but, heck. What it does is change a bargain (I used to buy everything from the US because it was always 20% cheaper than here in Aus, but now it's only sometimes) into a realistic price, I guess.

Bottom line is this: Sure it'll cost you a couple of extra funky plastic Aussie dollars, but soon you'll be punting along on that weird board thing, in the middle of this glorious summer, and... um .. chicks dig scars. Or, something.

BTW,  Marine Timbers in VIC ( I can recommend) or Boatcraft Pacific in QLD (mate can recomend) is good for quality Okume ("gaboon") ply, delivered.


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