Snapped a dory yoke

My rudder yoke snapped at the inboard thru hole at the racelite tiller swivel extension. Will the rudder be responsive enough with the yoke being 3" shorter? Or should I glue the broken pieces together to keep the original length and sandwich the joint with sisters top and bottom. I just want to get back sailing, don't care about looks until I can make a solid piece this winter.  Totally my stupid fault, was sailing in a narrow shallow area, Should not have been there, was feeling adventuresome. Got a nice long row back though. Dan

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RE: Snapped a dory yoke


I do not have an NE Dory, but as no one has responded to your question, I'll pitch in.  As to the shortened yoke, I would expect it to amplify rudder movement as long as you have enough leverage to move the rudder.  Sounds uncomfortable to me.  I believe that your second option sistering the yoke top and bottom and keeping the original dimensions is the better choice.

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