NE Dory questions?

Has anybody found a nice place to mount a flag on the NE Dory?  I love the classic look of it but cannot for the life of me figure out where to put it

Also, how necessary is the foam flotation if the dory will be used for rowing only?

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RE: NE Dory questions?



 Your Flag Question:   I made a six sided block (to make it interesting) with a hole in it and glued it to the tiller extension (?? proper name?) that is attached to the rudder.  I will insert the staff for the flag there.  Just finished my boat but it looks pretty good.

Hope that helps.  


Dave Peterson, Pentwater, MI



RE: NE Dory questions?

   I bought a pigstick from the Woodenboat Store, attached a small cheek block near the masthead, a small cleat not too far above where the main halyard and downhaul cleats are, and made a flag halyard.  The flag/pennant on the pigstick extends about 18 inches above the masthead and the flag, in addition to looking sharp, makes a great wind indicator for sailing.  I would post a photo but can't figure out how to do it on this forum.  

RE: NE Dory questions?

   Here is a photo of a boat with two flags.  One is on a pigstick and the US flag is attached to the leech. 

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