Paint or varnish first?

I'm nearly ready to start decorating my SHearwater Sport; thinking of varnishing the hull, but painting the shear panels white. Question: does it matter which I do first, paint or varnishing?

Tomorrow with luck I'll get to the bow and stern epoxy pours. Does anyone have any tips how to drill the bow and stern holes for the carrying lanyards to avoid any tear-outs?

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RE: Paint or varnish first?

i find it easier to put a clean paint line on top of varnish than the other way around.

the paint is opaque so paint on top of varnish will result in only a part that looks painted and a part that look varnished.

becuase varnish is clear but tinted, if you go the other way around (varnish on top of paint) you can accidently easily end up with three 'looks'- paint, varnish on paint, and varnish) unless you perfectly line up the edges which is difficult, at best, to do..


RE: Paint or varnish first?

   before i put my deck on i put in a solid plug of epoxy, mixed with wood flour at the tip top of the bow and then drilled through the solid plug

RE: Paint or varnish first?

   is it bad to put varnish over paint then or is it just a "how it looks" thing? i painted the hull of my San O 14 but left 4- 2inch strips down the middle, im tryin to figure out what to do about the paint edge left by the tape. wondering if i should just varnish the strips or use some other kind of clear coat finish?


definitely need to start reading forums before not after.


thanks for any help 

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