Twisting Harken Hoister

I purchased a Harken Hoister a while ago and found that the "block and tackle" portion of it twisted up so tight that the hoister wouldn't work. I solved this by installing a "fin" between the block and tackle lines to prevent them from twisting. I now have another block and tackle to use as a hoist for my new Jeep top. It also twists as I raise the load. What is going on? I'm wondering if the rope in the system twists as it is used, thus causing the block and tackle to also twist. I must be missing something.

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RE: Twisting Harken Hoister

would be great to see a picture. maybe we could see something that you don't see.

i have a harken hoister - two of them.  and no problem and no fin required.  so i am curious what is causing the rope to get a twisting force when it is being pulled.  

the only thing that comes to mind - did you change out the line that comes with it that has no braid with a line that has a braid?  certain types of line would rotate/twist when pulled over a pulley.  for these pulleys you should be using a cored line with a woven jacket that does not impart a twist.


RE: Twisting Harken Hoister

Appreciate your response. I tried to attach a pic, but w/o any luck. Don't understand the procedure. I did not replace any lines on the Harken Hoister; the lines just twisted up. You must lucky to have two hoisters w/o any problems. I tried to e-mail pics to Haken, but the e-mail is refused.  I guess I'll look for another "fin" to apply to my new device................thanks

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