PMD: Fiberglass skids and skeg?

I'm just about to put the last coat (hopefully...maybe two more coats) of epoxy on the bottom of my PMD. 

The instruction manual doesn't say anything about it, but I have some left over fiberglass cloth and I am wondering if it might be a good idea to put a layer of glass over the skids and bottom of the skeg for additional abrasion resistance.

Anyone have any thoughts on this or perhaps other small areas that could use it?

I was also thinking about the sides of the kick up rudder (the part that sticks up into the rudder head assembly) that will rub when it pivots. I was wondering if I should put a thin washer in there on each side of the rudder to help prevent wear. Maybe I'm over thinking it. lol



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RE: PMD: Fiberglass skids and skeg?

Hey Jason,

On my EP, I put a large fillet on the skids and skeg and figerglassed the transition on the skeg only.  The skids are solid white oak.  I faired the fiberglass and coated the entire bottom with graphite epoxy.  I then added a stainless steel rub strake on the bottom of the skeg all the way aft.  So far it's take the abuse of dozens of launches and landings.  It looks a little beat up looking, but it's all superficial, and it's certainly not a museum piece anyway.  Your mileage may vary.

RE: PMD: Fiberglass skids and skeg?

   The first kick up rudder I made for a dory was very tight. I graphic epoxied the inside prior to gluing it together. Then I glassed and graphite epoxy the kick up. When I went to put the rudder together it just stuck and wouldn't move. I ended up grinding down to bare wood and redoing the kick up part. Just be careful on how thick everything gets so you don't make my mistake, Dan 

RE: PMD: Fiberglass skids and skeg?

Thanks for the ideas! I think I will go put a fillet on the bottom of the skids and skeg. Seems like it would be a good idea to have some extra protection. 

The rudder is fairly snug already even though I have sanded the outer layer off so I think it would have to be much too thin to add fiberglass. I think a very thin teflon washer may fit in there without too much trouble. I also made some bronze bushings for the pivot point. Probably overkill, but I figured it couldn't hurt!


RE: PMD: Fiberglass skids and skeg?

   I've put what is effectıvely a wormshoe on the bottom of my Skerry skeg - a strip of wood about 10mm thick and the same width of the skeg.  It's all stony beaches around here and it doesn't matter how careful you are, the bottom of the skeg takes a bit of a beating. The extra strip takes all of that and is easily replaced. 

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