How Much Epoxy?

Came up REALLY short on epoxy for my Northeaster. Probably due to too many large, wasteful batches in early phases. Now I'm almost out and still have to epoxy the interior and thwarts. Not sure if I should buy a half gallon, quart, or pint of resin. (Yes I know, I'll need hardener too.) Any expreienced Northeaster builders have a suggestion?

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RE: How Much Epoxy?

   I'd recommend a half gallon. If you have any left over, I'm sure you'll find other uses for it.

RE: How Much Epoxy?

Some uses for extra epoxy - touching up dings and dents that happen as the result of enjoying your boat; experimenting with different rudder designs, repairing damage from colliding with rocks, etc.

I've also used extra epoxy to repair my garage door and glue together the trunk of a japanese maple that split by a heavy snowfall.



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