Cracked oar lock block

My port oar lock block cracked at the inwhale rail. Could have been a starved epoxy joint. Now with oar lock rotation it flexes. My choice is to leave it alone till after the season and replace the entire block, lengthen it and put a riser on it. Or put 2 1/2" cabinet screws thru the inwhale rail and block into the outer whale rail to get me thru the season. I'm hesitant about the screws because once I replace the block  the screws will come out but I still have the full length hole to fill and seal, not to mention the cosmetics of screw holes on the inner rail.  When I drilled the holes for the top mount oar lock I may have gone through the epoxy joint, did this contribute to the block failure? This is the center rowing station and only effects me rowing solo or Rowing to sail. Just bad timing because I'm training for a rowing race. Thanks for the comments, Dan

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