Tanbark sail and telltales

Has anyone put telltales on their tanbark sail?  I have a Skerry with a tanbark sail.  I haven't tried it yet but I've heard that there is mixed success seeing the leeward telltale.  They aren't expensive so I'm willing to just put them on and see what happens but if anyone has some pearls of wisdom about their use, placement strategy and/or colors that stand out better please let me know.


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RE: Tanbark sail and telltales

   My tanbark dory sail came with telltales on the leech but I also added one of the (about) 4' long red banners from CLC to the aft end of the yard and that is a very good indicator...it works great and it looks cool too


RE: Tanbark sail and telltales

  Generally speaking, in good sunlight you will be able to see the leeward luff telltails through the sail just like on a white sail.  In lower light or shadows, you may not be able to see them.  If you zoom in on this pict, you can see the oppisit side telltails on the jib.  They are flying up because I was in the middle of a tack.  This is 7oz cloth which is much heavier than what is used on smaller craft.


RE: Tanbark sail and telltales

���Thanks for the replies. Did you use the typical red/green telltales or some other color? Scott

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