Stitch holes question


Does anyone know, on average, how close to the edge of a panel the stitch holes are drilled, please ?

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RE: Stitch holes question

It somewhat depends on the thickness of the wood that is being stitched. It also depends on how the panels being stitched are aligned.

The wire has to take the bend. And you should be able to tighten or loosen the tie to adjust the panel. So you can't be too close to the edge, or too far either or else the wire makes a sharp turn.

You don't want the wire to pull out of the wood, so not too close to the edge.

Ideally you would want the fillet to cover the wire (if leaving it in) or the holes (if pulling the wire).


Try 1 or 2 on a test piece and you will get it pretty quickly. I'd start with 5-10 mm in from the seam -- depending, as above.

RE: Stitch holes question

   1/4 " is what i typically do. 

RE: Stitch holes question

   on my petrel play kit all the holes are 1/2" from the edge

RE: Stitch holes question

I drill mine around 10mm from the edge. That just happens to be the same distance as it says in the build manual.  Great minds . . .    

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