Twist in last 2 feet

I am about read to start the fillets after stiching the hull togther of my Wood Duch Double (14').  The final aft section has a mightly large twist in the last 2 feel directly behind the aft bulkhead.  Directly at the aft section one side is 1.5 iunches highger than the other. The rest of the hull (12 feet) is fine.

The instructions say to have anpother person hold and try to reverse the twist.  We try this and the section is too short for much effect other than a nice "spoing" when it bounces back. n And when we do twist ouyt the last two feet the rest of the hull goes out of whack.

Any suggestions or thoughts?


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RE: Twist in last 2 feet

   You have to get the twist out before fillets.  Loosen the wires in the stern, get the boat untwisted then re-tighten.  It may take a while so don't try to rush it.

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