Selling my NE Dory

I have decided to start another boat building project (Caledonia Yawl) so I need to make room.  I just listed my NE Dory on the boat on the CLC boats for sale section.

This has been a terrific first boat for my wife and me.  We would like to see it move on to a good home!


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RE: Selling my NE Dory

I met timber cruiser for the first time Saturday and saw this boat up close. It is an incredible piece of craftsmanship. He really does nice work.



RE: Selling my NE Dory

   Thanks Mike,  It was nice to meet you and your wife at the Rendezvous.  Your strip built canoe is an excellent boat.  I look forward to seeing your completed Chesapeake 16!

RE: Selling my NE Dory

Good luck! Yours is a nice looking boat.

I've only recently finished my dory, but I've started looking at the Caledonia Yawl - we're a little cramped in the Dory with gear, and my kids grow fast. We need to get a few coastal camping trips in the boat before I start another project. (And I'll need a boat barn, b/c I'd have a hard time parting with this boat).

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