Interlux schooner "gold"

I have been researching varnish to finish my CLC Teardrop and ran across this product. "interlux schooner gold" It claims to have better UV protection. Has anyone here used it? I plan to store my Teardrop inside. Is there an advantage to using these more expensive finishes over the the spar varnishes of Minwax, Rustoleum, Varithane, etc?


Thanks in advance, Friz

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RE: Interlux schooner "gold"

   Hello Friz

The Interlux brand in the US is called International here in the UK

Schooner Gold is a conventional varnish with an amber colour. International Compass (if it is available in the US) is a polyurethane clear varnish. Ideally use polyurethanes for overcoating epoxies, they are harder and thus, stick better.

This is the advice from my fibreglass resin supplier

Hope this helps


RE: Interlux schooner "gold"

I have tried using Schooner Gold several times and have had major problems with it. It was very thick and needed to be thined out more than I would have liked before I could get a wet edge to blend in. I finally gave in and sanded it down and revarnished  with Interlux Schooner (not the Gold version)  which worked well without Golds problems. It seems there was a discussion on Gold sometime in the past ( on this Forum or the Woodenboat Forum ) describing problems users had with it.  

RE: Interlux schooner "gold"

Thanks guys, Looks like I'm better sticking to a proven product. The Minwax Helmsman varnish intriged me because it is available in a rattle can. I thought that would be convenient for repairs down the road.   

RE: Interlux schooner "gold"

The Schooner Gold is an enhanced version of the Schooner with improved UV performance.  Short of applying a two part urethane clear, which would most likely require spraying, the Schooner products are excellent and will have better longevity than the Minwax.  

The application is much easier with the recommended brushing thinner at about 5-10% which greatly improves the wet edge



RE: Interlux schooner "gold"

If it's not too late, the Interlux Schooner Gold is what CLC recommends for finishing most of its wooden boat kits.  It's a pure pain in the neck, as are most varnishes, to apply and to keep dust, dirt, and bug free until dry, but it will give you a very durable, glossy finish.  It's worth the effort.   

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