Truck Camper

The CLC Tear Drop is pretty impressive, no surprise considering its heritage. 

Any thoughts on a slide in truck camper? Reason I ask is most  of the trucks in my truck heavy neighborhood are half ton trucks with about a 1500lb payload. Most of the commercially available truck campers either exceed this immediately on paper, or shortly there after when you do radical things like weigh more than 150lb, wish to bring a second person, or plan to pack more than just a lunch.

I would think between the monocoque construction and maybe a conservative approach to what goes inside CLC could come up with a killer design. But I do not wish to distract Mr Harris from nautical endeavors (although with a truck camper I could tow my boat).


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RE: Truck Camper

Funny you should mention this.  I doubt there will be a monococque design because that's not CLC's wheelhouse, plus there are numerious truck bed sizes.  With that being said, I've been sorely tempted to do a sort of inverted lapstrake shell for my pickup.  Using the same stitch & glue techniques, it would be easy to make a custom camper shell that fits perfectly on my bed rails with the lapstrake style acting like "shingles" to shed the copious precipitation here in the PNW.  The "transoms" would be the bulkhead up against the cab and I would fashion a hatchback over the tailgate.  I've also thought about incorporating a rack system of some sort for lumber, ladders and more importantly a boat.  I've even given thought to painting it in matching color scheme to the boat, bright red, with a graphite epoxy "bottom" for UV resistance.

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