Inwales and outwales

My 13 year old son and I are building the Peeler. We are building the inwales and I have milled the spacer blocks and epoxied them on. 

I'm not clear on what pieces of wood are the inwales. My measurements suggest that each inwale will need to be about 164" (13'.8"). The manual says that the inwales should be put together with 2 pieces requiring a single scarf joint. Given all the pieces, the only 2  pieces that would be long enough are not 17' (as the manual says) but 16' when put together. 

Also, the width of the inwale pieces are 1 and a half inches and the breasthook "receiving end" (where the inwales will fit) is 1 and 3/4". 

I just want to make sure I use the right wood. I have not done the outwales yet but dont have a clear understanding of what pieces I have to do that properly either, though I suspect that will become clearer a after I figure out which are the inwales pieces. 

Thanks, Jack





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RE: Inwales and outwales


It's been a while since I built About Time, but here's my best shot at answering your questions.

On page 7 of my copy of the Peeler Skiff manual, there's a diagram showing the kit contents and, on page 84, there's a picture of the wood for the inwales and outwales. You can see that the outwales are built in 2 layers, with the outer edges of wood for the outer layer rounded off and the inner layer square. Each piece of the outwales come in 3 parts (2 scarfs already cut) and the finished pieces are much longer than the scarfed inwales. Each piece of the inwales comes in 2 parts (1 scarf already cut) and the inner edges are rounded.

On my Peeler, the breasthook is 1 3/4" and the inwale 1 1/2". If I remember correctly, the names of the parts were pencilled on them. The outwales had 4 to 6 inches trimmed off at the bow end, the inwales substantially less.

I hope this helps,


RE: Inwales and outwales

John wrote up this excellent article based on a thread themed "To inwale or not to inwale, that is the question."

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