Ripped the deck off today...

So I started on the conversion of my NorthBay today.  I took a couple of before shots so hopefully I'll get them posted up somewhere and be able to link them at least.

I took about an hour and removed my deck (mostly), bulkheads, foreward deck beam (the only one in the boat) and the skeg box.

The current plan is to lay up a strip deck and replace the drop in skeg with a fixed skeg.  I'm thinking about shaving down the sheers to 1/2" (currently they're 3/4" wide) but haven't committed to it completely.  I'm repositioning my forward bulkhead a little closer to my feet to allow more storage space in the fore compartment.  I'm also planning the under-deck bungie hold downs for my hatch covers, and I'm trying to decide whether to lay up a carbon coaming or hold on to my original one.  I'm modifying the aft deck to drop the back of the coaming by an inch or inch and a half as well, to make entry and exit a little easier.

Needless to say, it's going to be a major effort to rebuild her, but I've noted quite a few things I wanted to change over the last four years and now's my chance. 

In removing the deck I noticed a few things that were hard to see before, like some glass that wasn't fully wetted out etc.  Anyone have any ideas how to clean that kind of thing up?  I'm tempted to just cut it back as much as possible and wet the edge or put a little bit of 3 inch tape at the edge or something.


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