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Hello builders.

Here I will publish mostly my pictures, because I'm not English native speaker. Any proposal, warning or criticism is welcome.

Here is my first mistake. I did not noticed, that bottom plates overlaps. This joints I can only use for a deck, whick I'll cover with oak and maple venner.



Joining side panels.

Tranfering the shapes with carbon paper. 


This is my first inlay at all. Very time consuming. AT first picture is a testing plate and side panel. 


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RE: Kaholo 14 build blog

   And here comes my first question. Is method from this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xux8Yr8v0SA&t=637s good?

And the second question, does the  SideWall covers the bottom plate edge or vice versa?

RE: Kaholo 14 build blog

This was probably one of the most critical phases. Veneer plywood is convex.

I lined the edges approximately 1/2 inch, epoxied and heavily loaded. The aluminum foil does not stick to the epoxy.



The result is quite satisfactory. Little curvature remains.

Protection of veneer from damage to the wire.

Top deck.

RE: Kaholo 14 build blog



Plywood and balsa sandwich.


Reinforcing the edges of the tail with hard wood and rounding edges with router for woodworking. 


RE: Kaholo 14 build blog

For thinning sheer clamps and bulkheads I was using Plane, Random Orbital Sander with 60 grit and sanding block.




RE: Kaholo 14 build blog

I added additional deck stringers, bacause there will be a lot of walking on the deck.

Between bulkhead 2-3 there will be a hatch, and between bulkhead 3-4 three Railblaza Starports.


RE: Kaholo 14 build blog

Finally the tail.

RE: Kaholo 14 build blog

Looking good!

What base material are you covering with the oak veneer? Is it a marine plywood? In one of the close-up pictures it looked like solid wood.

How thick is the oak veneer?

Can't wait to see the finished product!


RE: Kaholo 14 build blog

Hi Patrick.

Unfortunately it is not marine plywood, because I was't able to get it. It is 4 mm (3/16") poplar plywood. I hope I will not regretted.

Veener is 1.5 mm (1/16") thick. Oak is quite solid, so I can not grind too much. 

RE: Kaholo 14 build blog

On the sections between bulkheads will be about ~8 kg  (~18 lbs) of pressure (SUP weight plus one person). Under that force, bottom plate will be quite concave between bulkheads. I decided to reduce bigger areas without support into smaller ones.

And Raiblaza equipment can handle quite big forces too, so I decided to reinforce this section. 



RE: Kaholo 14 build blog

I sanded shiny spots.

   The deck was quite twisted.


I hope 1/4 inch rouded edge is enough.





RE: Kaholo 14 build blog

My Kaholo was waiting for a warmer weather. Final preparation before glassing. 




RE: Kaholo 14 build blog

Glassing is over. Next stage sanding, sanding....


RE: Kaholo 14 build blog

I know the person, who was building kayak and he had big trouble with varnishing. I decided not to varnish Kaholo. For exterior I was using  Axson RSF 816 which "contains UV filters which give the product a transparent pale violet/blue colour. Although this product contains UV Filters it is still recommended to use with a suitable UV-screening PU varnish, this will reduce the tendency of clear laminates to yellow after prolonged exposure to sunlight." So I sander kaholo up to 2000 grit and polished resin directly. Kaholo will be on sun 10-20 days a year, I hope sun will not destroy resin to soon. 

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