Good Sailboat Designs

Congratulations John,

The Faering Cruiser is definitely the prettiest on the cover. I wonder if O'Brien were to do that book today if the cover wouldn't be a CLC sweep, what with Nanoship, N.E.D. and Autumn Leaves joining the FC in the CLC lineup.



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RE: Good Sailboat Designs

   I certainly agree, Laszlo. I might as the Expedition Canoe Yawl to your list. . . . But the  Gunter rig on that cover is really very pretty.

For those who might be lost, we are discussing the cover  of Mike O'Brien's Good Sailboat Designs.


RE: Good Sailboat Designs

Thanks, Birch, for the context. The book is now on order. I've always enjoyed and learned from Lazlo's commentaries, but sometimes he forgets that not all of us share his depth and breadth of knowledge.

Happy Holidays!

RE: Good Sailboat Designs

It looks like O'Brien hacked my Bookmarks file!

RE: Good Sailboat Designs


Thanks for the kind words but there's no depth of knowledge involved, just reading the CLC Facebook feed at the bottom of the page. 



RE: Good Sailboat Designs


I'm a computer systems architect. Facebook is a hacker's paradise. Wouldn't touch it with a 10-foot pole.

Gave a very Merry Christmas!



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