the screws included with my kit

Building an Eastport Pram.

The kit includes some short wood screws to attach the gudgeons for the rudder assembly to the back of the transom.  This strikes me as insufficient for a section of the boat that is going to be under water and under constant load.

Shouldn't the gudgeon hardware be held on with through bolts and nylock nuts on the inside.  For that matter, shouldn't those holes be overdrilled, filled with epoxy and redrilled?

Is it really sufficient to just use the included screws?

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RE: the screws included with my kit


The Eastport Pram is not a new kit. I would suggest that if there were any issues with the screws that attach gudgeons, they would have been fixed long ago.



RE: the screws included with my kit

   I did exactly that on my NED. Drill fill drill with thru bolts and nylon lock nuts. It's a builders choice on some fittings. I DFD as many holes as possible, and those that I didn't, after 2 years on the water, I wish I would have. I'm repaiting now and will probably fill those that are showing the most discoloration from water intrusion. Not hard by any means, just time consuming. To me, looks and details matter on this boat.

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